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I greatly appreciate your interest in my art work, however the following terms and conditions apply to all and any images viewed, shared or purchased.

Copyright © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ArtbyAnDrea.  My artwork shall solely be used for viewing, sharing, and/or purchasing.  You may not reproduce any of the copyright owned content, art work, images, orignials, prints, or photos (registered or unregistered). Nothing in this term grants you the right or license.  You may however,  share links to my material.

Commissions and Purchases


Avant-Garde Art Studio By Andrea


Thank you for choosing me to share my individual creative process in creating art for and with you.  This is an intricate experience that comes from within that I enjoy and take pride into each piece. Listed below are the steps to begin our journey.


Step 1: Contact

I can be contacted at or via FaceBook  or Instagram 

  • You should include the size of the painting you desire.

  • List specific colors or images that you would like to incorporate.

  • Give a brief summary of your vision and its purpose. (exampe, a gift or art collector, home decor..etc.


Step 2: Written Commission and or Sales Agreement

My Commissions start at $1,900 depending on size and complexity once this is established  a commission agreement will be reviewed and signed. This is a contract by which you the commissioner agrees to pay Avant-Garde Art Studio by Andrea the artist for my skill and labor.  When this agreement is emailed to you, please read and agree to all the terms in the agreement by signing and emailing back the agreement. 


Step 3: Deposit/ Payments

I will need a deposit to secure the job, purchase supplies and begin the initial process. *Note (creating a custome piece can take weeks depending on the size and difficulty.)  Avant-Garde Art Studio by Andrea offers high quality prints, commissions and origianl art.

  • In-Creation Process: I will  be sharing visual updates throughout the creation process.  You can expect updates and how they will be sent (jpeg by email every four days, etc.).

  • Prices are determined by creativity, time, material, and emotional energy as to which can be deeply personal.


Step 4: Final Invoice

When the artwork is completed, a final invoice will be sent to you and the painting will be shipped after payment if received. Shipping and taxes if any will be included in the quoted price.

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