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Avant-Garde Art Studio will serve as a Visual Arts Studio that will provide a space for children and adults to be exposed to the visual arts with a gallery atmosphere.  It will also facilitate as an environment for members/clients to create original works of art of their own for profit. This studio will provide a teaching service provided by a certified K-12 Emery Public School  Art Teacher who has taught art for 20 years in northern California that possess a Bachelors of Science degree in Art Education and currently pursuing an MFA through the Academy of Art San Francisco. 


 Through a guided open studio format, children and adults are introduced to a wide range of art materials and genres at their own pace.  This studio intends to enhance the development of perceptual skills, creative problem solving, critical thinking through the arts. 


Other areas of interest include art camps, art workshops, team building, non-profit organizations, paint nights, showcases, local artist works for sale.  

Mission Statement

Avant-Garde Art Studio will focus on establishing, reinforcing and increasing awareness for the Arts.  Our art experience will produce creativity , encourage self-expression, and self assurance with the understanding of the visual arts through a range of subject matter and media.


To empower and foster a sense of self artistic expression through the visual Arts. 


Company Strengths

  • Avant-Garde Art Studio clients will be exposed to a curriculum that is taught by a  certified public school art teacher and working artist. 

  • Students/Clients can work at their own pace, no restrictions to creativity.

  • Open to all ages K-12 and adults

  • Supplies provided

  • Art Gallery

  • Adult paint nights

  • Art Birthday parties

  • Team building activities



Registered LLC in the state of California

Sole owner Andrea Harvey





Product and Service


Avant-Garde clients will have access to all materials, equipment, paint, easels canvases, drawing paper and other art supplies for a  session fee or membership fee.


Sessions will change daily, different age groups, different mediums.  Sessions will extend from part time to full-time allowing students to participate with more classes. 


Professional clients will be able to lease private studio space, equipment and sell original works of art commission fee.


Private Party Studio time will be available for a fee


Original Artwork and prints available for purchase


Artistic textiles, and accessories available for purchase


Target Market

K-12 grade students


Professional Artist

Non-Profit Organizations

Corporate team building

Art Gallery

Private Paint parties

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